14k gold filled handmade chain, 35.5 inches long

14k gold filled handmade chain, 35.5 inches long

  • $180.00

Handmade Jewelry made in Colorado | DK Originals Jewelry 

You can wear this necklace many different ways. Wear it long, and simple. This looks great with a cashmere sweater. Wear it double up when you wear a classic blouse. The clasp is made so that it can be worn in the front or the back. 

Custom order this item to make it the exact length you need. Wearing handmade jewelry will put a spring in your step. The world will look brighter, and happier. Supporting artists that love and need to create makes the world a happier place to be!

14k gold filled, hand formed chain necklace. 35.5 inches long. This necklace is made to order, choose your length that works best for you. Expect delivery in three weeks. The photo is a representation of what you will be wearing. One of a kind means each one is just a little different.