Betty's choker necklace | DK Originals Jewelry

  • $70.00

Handmade jewelry made in Colorado | DK Originals Jewelry

Betty was a lady my mom was friends with when I was growing up. She was beautiful with dark hair and olive skin and very stylish. My mom valued her opinions and asked her if I should grow out my bangs at age 11, the most awkward time of our lives... of course she would say leave the bangs. I finally had the mindset to grow out my bangs when my first born was a year old. Be like Betty and always tell the truth, and wear artisan jewelry. 

Tiny semi precious beads, with handmade clasps made out of argentium silver. Each clasp is individually shaped, giving each necklace a true one of a kind necklace. A perfect gift. 

Please note that all the clasps are made by me, this means they are not going to be exact every time. Since I make most of these necklace to order, each clasp will be slightly different. Which allows it to be a real one of a kind piece that allows your beauty to shine even brighter. 

Handmade in the studio in the foothills of the Rocky mountains. Thank you for shopping my small business.