About Me

Artisan jewelry designed to be worn not stored in the box.


Hi! My name is Denise, and I own DK Originals Jewelry. I have been wanting to create jewelry since I started looking for the perfect engagement ring. It took twenty years and a divorce to start my own jewelry design business. I know there is a need to design jewelry that fits our casual lifestyle. I know we all have a lot of jewelry, it is something that is easy to find, easy to love, but does it have staying power? Does it pass the test of time? Well, so far, my customers tell me it does.

Argentium silver is one of the main metals I use. Argentium you ask? It is a higher grade of silver, which was developed in the 80's by a scientist who wanted to see if he invent a metal that would not tarnish as quickly as sterling silver. Argentium has geranium in it, which I did not know could be a metal also, lol. It definitely does not tarnish as quickly or as much as silver. It also seems to like being worn, which is real easy with any DK Originals, seeing we design jewelry to be worn not put in a box.  

Living in Colorado for over 20 years, I have come to appreciate jewelry that is easy to wear on your hikes with friends and that it makes your beauty shine a little more when you take a selfie while you are on your outdoor adventure. Your office mates may feel a little jealous with your easy style and unique jewelry, this is where you share our website, they can now be just as awesome. Even though our lifestyle has become more casual, that doesn’t mean we should sacrifice our style and not wear any jewelry. 

I have always been one to wear my jewelry every day, no matter what activity I may be doing. I thoughtfully design jewelry with the intent that each piece can be worn anywhere, under almost any circumstances. The jewelry is made individually and no two pieces are exactly the same. This means that your jewelry literally is as unique as you are. It also means that it may take a little longer than the big box stores to deliver. This means your piece was designed with creative space and time. No stressful production to see here! 

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to seeing what you choose for yourself or someone you love!

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