About Me

Artisan jewelry designed to be worn not stored in the box.


Hi! My name is Denise, and I own DK Originals Jewelry. The spark and desire to create jewelry started when I went on the search for the perfect engagement ring in NYC Diamond District. I became obsessed will all things jewelry. I quickly learned that not all that is shiny and with diamonds is something you could wear every day. 

DK Originals Jewelry was born out of the need to break rules, and make jewelry available for everyone that can be worn every day, and not stored in a box. 

Argentium silver is one of the main metals I use. Argentium you ask? It is a higher grade of silver and is a brighter metal than regular silver, which was developed in the 80's by a scientist who wanted to see if he could invent a metal that would not tarnish as quickly as sterling silver. Argentium has geranium in it, and less copper.  It definitely does not tarnish as quickly or as much as silver. It also seems to like being worn that helps keep the tarnish way. When it tarnishes, it is a light gray, almost unnoticeable, and since most of my designs do not need solder, you won't see a really dark tarnish spot. I have incorporated recycled silver, since I am not perfect and make mistakes, I keep the scraps and some are melted down into Recycled Love Pendants, and some are repurposed into a different design than I originally thought I wanted to do. Due to popularity of some of my designs, I am in the process of casting some popular items. The recycled heart earrings will have a new sister, which will be casted, I will still maintain the organic nature of these sweet post earrings. 

I value honesty, that is why I encourage you to get intouch with me with any questions you may have before placing an order. I believe in making sure you are  happy through the process of customizing or just simply ordering off my website, I want you to be over the moon when you receive your package. Please know that everything I have on my site is made by me, I spend my time creating and very little time marketing (which is probably something I need to do). This means most items can be found on my insta @dkoriginalsjewelry, photos of what I am working on and finished designs. Ask me, and I will send you photographs of what I am making for you! 

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to seeing what you choose for yourself or someone you love! I honestly cannot do this without your support! Having a tiny business making jewelry in a saturated market, it means a lot to me that you chose me and my designs to become your favorite piece of jewelry. Jewelry made to be worn not stored in a box. You will get it once you start wearing DK Originals!

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