Lovely Lady Necklace: Made to order | DK Originals

  • $175.00

Handcrafted Argentium Silver Linked Necklace | DK Originals Jewelry.

This is made to order. Slow process, it will be something you will wear for a very long time! Heirloom jewelry is what this is. Your daughter will be stealing this from you soon! LOL 

Beautiful, hand link necklace. Slightly hammered and shaped in a way that the light bounces off the rings just right it sparkles. I can make a hundred of these, and no two will be alike. The beauty of handmade. No big department store mass produced necklace here!!

Argentium you ask? It is a higher grade of silver, which was developed in the 80's by a scientist who wanted to see if he invent a metal that would not tarnish as quickly as sterling silver. Argentium has geranium in it, which I did not know could be a metal also, lol. It definitely does not tarnish as quickly or as much as silver. It also seems to like being worn, which is real easy with any DK Originals, seeing we design jewelry to be worn not put in a box. 

29 inches in length. Nothing is mass produced here. 

Handmade in Colorado. 

The photo is a representation of what you will be wearing. One of a kind means each one is just a little different. Order yours today! Made to order. Expect your to be delivered in two weeks. Why the long turnaround? It’s because quality is more important to us. We want to make the very best necklace just for you!