Little Tiny Circle Earrings | DK Originals Jewelry

  • $45.00

These earrings will keep you looking put together without the bulk. They are the replacement to your diamond stud earrings on the weekend. They will even look good on Monday morning as you recover from your fun packed weekend. The simple circle gives your ear the just right look, when you are out and about on the town, or hiking with friends, camping for the weekend. 

Made with argentium silver square wire, shaped to perfection, adding the sterling silver post, gives you a new look on a simple stud earring. 

Handmade in my studio in Sunny Colorado, I love making jewelry so you have something new and fun to wear. 

Did you know when you support an artist, you are supporting their dreams and allow them to live doing exactly what they need to do in life? My dream is to be a self sufficient designer, living and working, fulfilling online orders and doing local shows. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my dreams!! The photo is a representation of what you will be wearing. One of a kind means each one is just a little different. Order yours today!