Handstamped Mom or Pet bracelet or set your intention bangle this is for all your needs

  • $85.00

Mom or Pet bangle sterling silver hand stamped | DK Originals Jewelry 

 Find your intentions, stamp your intentions, this way you never forget them! 

Handcrafted in Colorado. I designed this bracelet to work well, either for a Mom Bracelet, or as a Pet Mom Bracelet. By customizing this bracelet with the names of your kids and your pets, you will have a bracelet that is uniquely yours. 

As a suggestion, you could request a private message stamped on the inside of it, your personal inspiration, your intentions stamped right into the bracelet. Or add the birthdates of your children! 

Let me know what size you would like for your bracelet. Measure the thickest part of your hand squeezed together as you would when you put on your bangle:

Extra small: 6.75, small: 7.25, medium: 7.75, large: 8.00, extra large: 8.75

Made with love in Colorado. When I am not hiking, and walking my pup, I am designing your next treasure!