Multi faceted bead choker necklace

Multi faceted bead choker necklace

  • $55.00

Handmade in Colorado | DK Originals Jewelry 

Wearing necklaces every day is good for your mental health. Especially when you are working from home and still need to jump on conference calls. Looking good should never take second place. Even if you are still in your Jammies. 

16 inch length necklace, handmade clasp. This way when the necklace twists you still have a piece of art showing, not just a boring industrial, mass produced clasp. 

Everything is handmade in my studio in Colorado. Designing is what I do best, sending positive energy with each piece I make. Seeing each handmade clasp is handmade, there will be a slight difference in the one you will receive. 

Limited supply of these amazing beads.

Faceted? This means that each bead has been cut into a circle that now has flat edges. Like your diamond. This makes the necklace sparkle. We love sparkle, and it doesn't need to be a diamond!!