Pink Tourmaline Pendant | DK Originals Jewelry

  • $95.00

Handmade in Colorado | DK Originals Jewelry 

Tourmaline is a magical stone, comes in many colors. Pink is the color today. Wear it with your black turtleneck, or basic dressy t-shirt, or blouse. Your style will make other people jealous, wearing artisan jewelry lets everyone know you believe in being one step ahead and comfortable in yourself. 

Silver was hand polished and stone set to perfection and not so perfect. Handmade jewelry should never look manufactured by a machine. This is a one of a kind piece, because each stone is unique and this can never be exactly replicated. 

Handcrafted in Colorado. Made by us, the chain is ethically sourced from a local company. Making heirloom jewelry one piece at a time. We can't wait for you to wear this! Oh and watch out, your daughter may want to steal it! 

Hand stamped with our logo.