No Waste Love Pendant: made to order | DK Originals

  • $130.00

Recycled silver that is given a new life | DK Originals 

Please note that all the photos of the No Waste Pendants are sold. Yours will look completely different, at the same time it will still be similar.

Handmade, using silver scraps from the studio projects that were not ready to become reality. 

These handmade pendants are lovingly handcrafted. The best silver scraps were selected, placed on the heating stone, a little fire and a pic was used to shape and form the heated metal, which for a little while with the right amount of heat, melts and you are able to shape the pendant to an organic finish, it is almost like playing with clay. 

After cooling the pendant, there is some hammering and LOTS of polishing that happens. The pendant alone could take a few hours of refining, refiring and shaping. Because I want to make sure that the metal is solid, and there are no cracks, which sometimes can happen. 

The polishing happens wearing a mask and glasses, and gloves, well, I need to remember to wear the gloves, LOL! As I polish, the metal becomes smooth and soft to touch, little kids and adults are drawn to touching them. 

This is a made to order item, expect it to arrive after two weeks from the order date. Please know that I want you to have your order sooner than later, and I will do my best to get this designed and created as soon as possible. I am just asking for some grace, because a forced creation is never as nice as one that was created with space and time. Sounds a little weird. I know, but it is the best way I can create!! 

Designed and created in the foothills of Colorado. Sometimes created in the mountains! The photos are a representation of what you will receive. Making yours a real one of a kind piece of art you get to wear 😁