Keep Your Heart Keychain Sterling Silver | DK Originals Jewelry

  • $35.00

Keep Your Heart keychain Sterling Silver | DK Originals Jewelry

Handcrafted in Colorado. We all could use more love in our lives. Pass these hearts out to your friends for a simple gift letting them know how much they are loved. These clean simple hearts have been soldered, formed into a heart and hammered to an organic finish. No two hearts are alike. Comes with a key ring. Perfect gift for any reason.

I create and make everything in my small studio in Colorado. 

The heart is 1.5 inches, the key ring is one inch. 

Order with a tag or without a tag. If you choose a tag, send a message as to what you would like it to say. One word, LOVE, is a good suggestion. The photo is a representation of what you will be wearing. One of a kind means each one is just a little different. Order yours today!