Holiday 2023

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As I reflect on the year of 2023. There were a lot of personal struggles that I was able to overcome and grow from. The biggest thing for me has been understanding how ADHD affects my life, and people around me. Which, now that I am fully single and really enjoying this new knowledge, I appreciate how difficult it was to live with me. LOL 

Why am I oversharing? Other than, it's an ADHD thing, it is because I realized what will work for me and what absolutely doesn't work for me. And I am at the point that I will say doing in person shows are not for me, I knew this starting out, but I also knew it was important to get out there and introduce myself in real time. I completely enjoyed my time doing this. But reflecting on the past year, and the stress that it created, it is not how I want to continue doing my art. A full time job, as sweet as mine is, is still a full time job that requires showing up every day, even if you do not want to. Yes, someone with ADHD does struggle with this, along with the desire to leave the house. But being able to earn an income, and having healthcare is a big priority for me right now. 

I will forever be creating, and I am hoping that I get to grow my business in a different way. No longer will I be doing a show a month that requires setting up a tent and waiting or customers, it really got in the way of just being. I found out that I took nine days off this year from work, and they were not even close to a real vacation day. With my energy and excitement for the shows, it really didn't matter, but still, it did add up to a negative time spent. 

I am hoping to foster home parties, not the ones you know of, I do not have that kind of energy, but I do hope that I can convince people to remember me through the months for the unexpected birthday gifts, or style refresh. I will continue to show up in emails and insta, because that is all I know right now. And yes, even though I said no in person shows, I am hoping to try to do a show in the mountains this year, and the Peach Festival in Lafayette, if they accept me again. 

The best way for any little tiny shop can grow is by sharing your love for them. This is something that I hope will continue to be true for you. I will also be working on expanding my design capabilities. Going to keep that close until I am ready to share. Having been trained as a graphic designer, I can only think in terms of trying to sell things. Which I will try to take a step back with, and just start sharing the process, and the ability to buy anything I show will always be available.  

Wishing you all have a wonderful 2024, with lots of laughter and healthy days! 


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