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Being a maker came pretty easy for me. I think I am always a child at heart. Love making things and showing people what I made. Also, I love jewelry. I would be the one looking at every jewelry store window, and desperately wanting to buy something unique and personal. 

What I realized every time I would go into the boutiques was that sometimes I would feel insecure and did not want to ask about a piece of jewelry. Or other times I would feel the pressure to buy something that wasn't quite me. 

I never want to be that pushy person. I never want to force any of my designs on anyone. I am feeling pretty lucky though, because my designs seem to resinate with everyone who comes and shops. I love knowing that what I am making will become someone's favorite necklace or ring. 

I wear my designs. I like to say I am test driving them. There are times when I am not completely happy with what I came up with. I like to experiment more than making something over and over. Part of a designer, I am always working on new designs and seeing what really needs to be repeated.

My Tiny Bead Choker Necklace, Betty Chokers, the handmade 

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